Raft Tube Frames

Our guides from Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Arkansas just in 2011 alone, all want different systems for thier raft to be loaded. M&M you bet.

LED lights will give the meathead tailgating you an idea where you are at.

YEE Haw and he said it wouldn't work. This guide as many others is tired of loading by himself while his client talks on the phone. BEEN THERE!

Come Get me...Come Get me... ahhh Quality at M&M

5,000 lb test Seat belt webbing and a 1100 lb winch made in the USA. 8 inch roller jack, spare tire ..just in case and of course dry box for the cooler full of ice cold refresements..frssssshhh you can here the rapids!

Karl is the oldest customer to buy a trailer from M&M. He is now 82 years old. All the way from New Mexico, Karl knows quality, and his experience has told him to make sure and check all purchases. Lo and behold, Karl wanted a little touch up on the deck. Of course not only did we do it we did it with pride. Great Americans, especially a Veteran. We salute you Karl and now offer our new KMJ Roller, Extra height and extra half rollers inside.

Karl selected the new Hunter Green Rustoleum Paint From Home Depot. This helps to reduce rust and corrison. The deck is Behr oil stain and Linseed oil of course from Home Depot.

KMJ Rollers will be a new add-on for any young or old customers who like what they see!

The KMJ rollers will be a real plus for any customer who wants extra height, has problems loading by themselves, or just wants to be cool like Karl. 82 yahoo!

Hey as we noticed Karl was camera shy. A Veteran, 82, not only did he give me good advice but he was heading fishing in Canada, Florida, and ... go get em Karl .. this makes my job and honor!

Notice winch high enough for second raft. Roller Jack flolds up out of way!

this was one of our School teachers who also has to be a fire fighter to make ends meet. A teacher, he is smart enough to know Quality, made in USA by a veteran, and by from a business that supports the working man & woman.

Roller jack tucks up out of way . Hatch door is able to open even due to proper installation of winch tower.

Trailer is light and able to be moved by hand yet strong enough for 4 wheelers and firewood.

Raft hangs off back just right. Even though a 12 foot trailer is available we recommend a 10' if it will work for you.

Raft fits the trailer after the 23 years of quality, integrity, M&M...no wonder they sell for used more than new.

14foot Raft with 7 foot wide tubes fits on our 6'x10' frame the center of the tubes are 5'2"

Optional side crank jack with 8" hard unbreakable wheel. Will roll in gravel, dirt, or your driveway. Makes it easy to park on a landing and not have to lift. Senior Citizens this is a must!

17"x34" Dry box is used for coolers, generators, tool boxes or just additional deck space. Notice loops under deck. Stake pockets inside deck for wood racks!

Deck of trailer can be as low as 17" off the ground. this is a 6ply 13" steel trailer radial with a painted enamel wheel. This also can have a 15 inch wheel installed with shackles.

Full Rollers are a option that keep the Raft tube rolling no matter what type of restriction or bind. that is why we dont use a bar. they rust, get in a bind, 6 rollers one is always spinning.

Spare tire mount is out of the way when you back up. Having the right length tounge is important for backing, clearance, and safe towing at highway speeds. Tube frame alloys for easy side roll over and safe transport.

Tube Frame with spare, Ramp Storage, Dry box, 8" roller Jack

Galvised Grip strut rear lading ramps. 48"x10" Lightweight but strong

Gripstrut ramps store under dry box yet slide out when needed.

Grip strut ramps can be used for side loading also.

New for 2010 is the Tube Frame with D-rings, Behr Oil Stain, Linseed Oil and Exterior Oil based paint to preserve your deck. Avoid cracking. Notice Spare tire holder, Dry box pad and 8 inch roller jack. Full rollers make it easy for loading and unloading. Steel stakepockets for racks and Multipurpose use.