Base Model is how we started

Led lights added no charge, wider stants axle no charge

Extra tie down loops no charge

1100 lb winch standard with 20' -5000lb seat belt winch strap standard on all models no charge

13 inch 6 ply steel trailer radial made in USA rim. EZ lube Dexter 3500 lb. made in USA. Optional 15 inch tire

3x3 square tube tounge 10,000 lb tinsel strength. no-ones ever bent one, never broke one. Only M & M trailer

Notice  5,000 D-Rings , Extra loops for tieing off, 8 inch roller jack, and dry box pad.

Optional Spare tire and dry box

LED lights, double grounded for your saftey. three brackets, no sag, no drag!

8 inch roller jack for the rocky driveway, dirt launch, or rolling in the garage.

Notice how low frame is to ground! no lifting!

Complete list of equipment on Base raft trailer

Deck Measurements 6' x 10'

M&M the leader is Raft Trailer has taken the step forward. Moving to Stevensville, Fall of 2011 to expand our Sales, Service, and Parts business. this is an example of our Base model yet loaded with extras.

1. Note the sky winch stand is longer, aprx 24-30 inches

2. Low profile for easy loading. How many times have your seen a trailer that is like trying to load on a pickup bed! Protect your raft and your back!

3. New Acrillic stain from Home Depot. Our staff has, along with Home Depots staff created the perfect stain, protects, keeps moist, yet is appealing to look at.
This is a combination of stain, Linseed oil, and exterior oil base paint.

4. Tounge strength, and length, Makes it easy to back up and 10,000 lb tinsel strength, we have never had a tounge bend or break!

5. Now a 1100 lb. winch has replaced a 500 lb. for the same price. 20 ft Seat Belt webbing strap with 5,000 lb tinsel strength included with D-ring hook

6. Dual rollers are standard with two brackets or full rollers if you choose to upgrade later which have three brackets

7. Our competitors seem to be more worried about our decks than their own. we have replaced hundreds of decks due to cheap wood, screws through the boards or like the Billings backyard corner cutters, use plywood.

8. right now 2010 we see our trailers being sold for $800-$1500 more than our customers pay for them. Thats why they drive from Colorado, Texas, California etc.. all the time, the perfect ingrediant...Quality & Price mixed with American made components, you bet they drive 1500 miles one way.

9. have not raised our prices for 6 years

10. Note 8 Loops side of each frame for tieing off

11. 6 ply 13 inch steel trailer radial on white spoke enamel wheels made in USA

12. 2"x 6" Kiln Dried Fir from St. Regis, Montana Welded down in two sections.

13. 5 coats of Rustoleum Oil based Gloss paint and 2 coats of primer, Hardner included

14. Hand twisted wiring, like Ben Franklin did, Simple and it works, no butt connectors, no quick clips.

15. 6 Steel 2"x4"stakepockets, Steel Loop on Winch tower base

16. LED waterproof lights for your saftey in steel protective brackets

17. 52oo lb. Spring hangers and 4 leaf steel springs

18. Reinforced a-frame supports for extra tounge strength

19. D.O.T. reflective Stickers (Front,Side, Rear,Back) for Safety

20. 3500 lb. dexter Ez lube (outside grease zerks) Axles 5 on 4.5 Hub face

21. 2" fulton lockable couplar

22. safety chains

23. Swing Lock Jack with dead foot

24. flat four plug connector in plastic conduit


A. Full rollers rear and three Brackets

B. Roller jack 6" Wheel, 8" wheel, Side crank handle

C. D- rings

D. Spare tire mount (Winch or Tounge mount)

E. Extra Stake Pockets

F. Tool Pad, Dry Box holder

G. Grip Strut Galvanised Ramps & Holders

H. Extra Length, extra width

I. 15" tires 205, 225

J. Additional Loops

K. Round Tube Frame

L. Gusset Supports Rear