Low Profile Raft / ATV Combo with Ramps

Extended tounge for 14',16' or even 18' canoe with removable rollers.

Caone & Kayak Rack for storing & 65 mph towing.

Multi-task wood hauler, canoe hauler, with 15" 6 ply tires. Kayak hauler has room for three interior units, and three exterior units.

Removable kayak,canoe rack can be used for ATV, or wood hauler.

slide in Galvanised 48 inch atv, multitask ramps, with tool box pad

Channel frame or tube frame for maximum strength

Here is an example of M&M Leading the way in Producing the best Quality and the Best functional trailer for the working man or woman. We at M&M take pride in not only appearance but flexibility as to mutilfunction trailer that can be used for Rafting, ATV, Yard Work, Moving, or just hauling lumber. We build all the mulit-task trailers taileried to the working man. We are proud that our trailers used are being sold for more they cost new. Try that on Detroit.