Staining of Deck. Important step.

Quality takes time.

Notice stain penetrating the lumber

Thats right. M&M we stain the boards and dry them with a wood stove which was handed down my the old time wood workers who used time, labor, quality to keep their deck from rotting. Then why would anyone put plywood on a deck? We call it a short cut. No thanks not at M&M.

We at M&M pre heat our wood to open the pores of the Kiln dryed fir from Montana to insure proper penetration.

Steel Stakepockets allow the wood racks to be removed creating a multitask trailer which easily can be converted from ATV-storage-Raft, landscape etc..

Wood racks are light, have many different applications, and are easily assembled. You may even put your business name with removable sides.

Having removable ramps, you are not forced to lift a heavy ramp, can load with a forklift and can convert your trailer into a motorcycle trailer one day and a wood hauler for the weekend.

Of course a 6 ply 15 inch steel radial is a must for your trailer and stores next to your tool box pad.

Drive over ramps are simple to use and light enough for the kids to lift.

Tube Trailers at M&M Built in Montana by Craftsman. These new frames are built with 2 3/8 tubing that will not flex. This will support your heaviest load and pull the safest, travel the easiet and will outlast all other building techniques. Why, it cost 15 times more for material, except at M&M. We are now offering Tube frames at special prices. Note roller jack, Ramp storage, steel stakepockets, and now havyduty Diamond plate fenders. Always the first to produce the Tank of trailers in construction. Yet this is light enough to pull behind Subaru or even your 4 wheeler!