Super Tube Frame is Here

New Super Tube Frame
M&M has worked 21 year to bring not only the best trailer but never quits working on new ideas. Here is 2011 trailers rolled out with new stain with the Home Depot Tecs. and our 70 years of Knowlegde combined to give you the best treatment for your MONTANA LUMBER. Remember we employ Montana people every day when you buy a trailer.
Having the Best is now Affordable From M&M
This Frame is not only stronger by can be used for ATV, Farm work, Ranch work, Water Carrier, Pulled legal speed limits for hours on end and most important the name M&M when you go to sell, money back in your pocket. Ask your neghbors. Missoula Freightliner bought a M&M Utility trailer used and abused this trailer for 15 years. They paid us $995.00 new for the trailer. This trailer sold for $1595 15 years later. Try that with your new Ford Expedition! Thats why you buy from a name you trust, open 7 days a week and have aphone number to call when you need service, a new trailer or want to bring your Grandkids to buy one!!