Ask your local, never built a trailer before if he would hang his trailer from a chain.
Adjustable couplar, the working mans multi-task couplar to equalize loads.
Construction, thats why M&M shows you the frame. All the copy-cats wanna-be trailers they don't show you nothing. They just want your money. 22 years of taking care of our customers and fixing the mistakes they build. Nobody talks about using Montana lumber but me. Made in USA products but me. Quality, Construction, Durablity, this is why we continue to have customers drive 1,000 miles without thinking for a trailer. The worst part is supply. Thats why they sell for more used! Quality takes time!

Cross members are less than 18 inches apart. Ask your back yard welder if his plywood deck separates or a screw comes threw the deck into the raft is he going to fix your raft Tube!

Steel stakepockets will allow racks to be on front and removable. Steel loops can be used for tieing off when stakepockets have 2x4 racks in them.

New 2010-2011 M&M Acryllic stain for decks is a lighter better formula that Home Depot and M&M have come up with to protect your deck longer. For our 14,000 plus customers, make sure you keep your decks stained and for you new ones we are always trying to improve.

Here is an example of the extremely safe yet light weight Grip strut ramps that store under the deck for easy access and lock for away for safety.

Next we have added D-rings to our trailers for easy tieing down. what more do I need to say.

Spare tires can be put up front, on tool pad but somewhere you can get to them and the rainey day they are there for you!

Drive over sides with removable racks so you can convert your trailer from 5 different models for the working man who cant afford different trailers for each activity. We are the working mans outlet.