M&M gives you a wider trailer frame, 80 inch standard for 2018 as usual for M&M, no charge.
M&M gives you for FREE, a spare tire, heavy duty roller jack, dry box pad, d-rings, steel stake pockets, Kiln dried Fir deck from Montana, Deck stained with Behr Oil Stain, water proof LED lights, best rollers in the industry, and tie down loops no charge!

Optional Ramps that are 6' long with fingers that hook to trailer

6' long Ramps hook in to frame to eliminate slipping off frame

Optional motorcycle chalk we install for free

NRS Blue 2018 Long neck with wide rollers on rear

2018 Raft /Atv/ Multi task Trailer 80" x 10' or 80" x 12' or 80" x 14'
* 2"x 6" Kiln dried Fir Deck from Montana, Stained with Behr oil stain from Home Depot
 Our deck is welded down to insure lumber will not crack or split. We at M&M even take your deck and  heat treat the stain by our wood stove to insure penetration of the stain.
*Full rear roller with 7 hard rubber rollers and  three roller brackets  for easy loading and lifetime    dependability. Our system of rollers is to protect your tubes and we don't experiment on the customer. 25  years of trouble free dependability
*10 digit LED  waterproof lights with steel brackets to protect lenses
*13"6 ply TR steel trailer radials with white spoke wheels including spare tire and reinforced bracket for easy  access  &  safe highway or mountain road durability. Optional 15" tires available
*2"x 3"Rectangular  steel tube frame guaranteed to not bend or brake for lifetime
*4-5,000 lb. test D-Rings for tying off & safe tying even the heaviest of loads
*12 large loops for easy tying with or without wood racks
*8 steel 2"x 4" steel stakepockets for wood racks, plywood sides, or converting your trailer to a multi-task  work machine
*Our 3"x 3" square tube tongue has 10,000 lb tinsel strength to insure safe towing on all terrains. Our straight  tongue design is created for sharp turning, easy mobility and yet safe at highway speeds.
*8 inch roller jack with side crank to make easy moving on gravel, dirt or for moving in and out of your  storage unit. Our side crank handle makes it easy to crank up jack without hitting mast or winch tower.
*Dry box/ tool pad comes with steel loops and is standard equipment on all of our trailers. This makes carrying gas, generator, or tool box easy.
*Our winch tower is made at an angle to insure your tailgate will fold down, hatch  will come up and with  ease of turning a crank you can load your raft by yourself. We have put a 1100 lb. winch and a 5,000 lb  seat belt webbing strap with d-ring to insure that you will never be the one standing at the boat launch trying  to wave down help as they float by enjoying their adventure.
*Our American made Dexter E-Z lube axle is not only the best built in the world but makes it easy for the non-mechanical person to lube their axle with ease and confidence.  Why 3500 lb. axle? We want the big bearings, and safe enough for your family, PERIOD. M&M does not cut corners!
*Gussets are diagonal metal supports to strengthen trailer frames. M&M puts 8 on every frame to insure and  say "YOU BREAK IT WE FIX IT"!
*Our spring hangers are 5200 lb. Try it on 50 miles of washboard road. We have and thousands of  customers have.
*Our deck height is only 17 inches off the ground. This is almost unheard of for a deckover trailer. Quality takes experience.  Designed and built in Montana by an American for Americans. We don't bend our tongues we put a jack on them so you can lift it up with a load of wood, 2- 4 wheelers or Mom can go with the ladies and feel safe!
*When you do something for 25 years, it becomes your life. This is why if you buy an M&M trailer we continue to sell them for the 7th year at the same price. 6'x10' deluxe Raft-ATV-Utility Suggested list $2995 Direct to you $1995. 7 years at the same price! We only sell to the working person. No dealers. Although we get offer after offer to sell to the big chain stores but integrity is not for SALE!  25 years of Quality, lumber from Montana, and every American made part that we can find, well all I can say is order soon because we have made only one option....Yes one decision.
*OPTIONS: Ramps that stow under the deck. that's it. Order now the 6' galvanized ramps with fingers that grip and won't spit out.  $200
* Long neck tounge will hold 16' plus raft with room to spare Reg.$199 Sale $99
*Motorcycle chalk with ramps that stow under deck & full length dry box platform for $250
*15" steel trailer radials $50 each